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Operating for nearly two decades, Sunny Mountain School of Natural healing has designed its programs of external, independent studies for busy, working or professional people who desire a high level of excellence in Natural Healing. Naturopathy is a system of health restoration and maintenance which emphasizes natural health modalities instead of drugs. It embraces: herbs, vitamins, minerals, sound nutrition, sun therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, etc. This program is ideal for persons who have acquired sufficient levels of mental discipline to study independently in their homes and at their own pace, under the guidance of our school.

Many of you have already had several years of formal education in colleges or other institutions of learning and are too busy for formal classroom schedules, and some cannot easily or feasiblely come to the United States. Since, however learning is not limited to formal classroom situations, and since you have already developed intellectual discipline-you most likely have what it takes to succeed in this external study program. Consequently, you may well rejoice: This program is for you.

You will be happy to learn that our staff comprises professionals with the highest level of academic qualifications: With Doctorates (Ph.D.'s), in addition to their Naturopathic Doctor's degrees. Our staff also comprises internationally-experienced health practitioners.

Sunny Mountain School of Natural healing features only the natural and genuine modalities of healing. We reject those spurious and pseudo-scientific modalities of healing. To ensure our purity and excellence in this regard, we plan our curriculum independent of the popular, drug-oriented schools of medicine. We choose to be highly selective: we take the good and leave the undesirable. We seek to surpass their traditional levels. Sunny School endorses the superiority of biological medicine over the popular, but much abused and dangerous drug-medications.

Our school offers this Doctor of Naturopathy program in two prominent languages: In English and in Spanish. Professional Diplomas and Transcripts are likewise offered by the school.

Sunny Mountain School, in essence, trains you to be an effective Natural Health Doctor: Certified and Professionally-Qualified to set up a Health Clinic and operate Legally in the U.S.A. and internationally.

The cost of these programs is surprisingly low. While a medical doctor may pay between $150,000.00 and 250,000.00 and umpteen years of study for his degree, with this program and for less than $7,000.00 you can offer much greater help to humanity than the allopaths can.

One reason for this is because there are no conventional classroom expenses. The cost for the full doctor's program is only $6,895.00, including tuition and core books. For supplemental books, videos, materials, shipping and handling, there is an additional cost of $495.00). The price has been lowered to help students because of challenges everywhere. Again this includes the program as well as the books, shipping, mailing, etc. The financial page offers two easy options for payment.

We encourage you to fill out an application or registration form and send it in. You will then be evaluated for our doctoral program. A Registration form free of cost, is included here with almost everything else you may need to know.

Again we challenge you to succeed with this program and to catch the Inspiration of the words of the divine Teacher and Physician:

"If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."
"If thou hast faith as a grain of mustard seed . . . nothing shall be impossible unto you."
From the Director,
Dr. Errol Stanford, N.D., Ph.D.